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LUCKYNELLY in British Vogue – June 2016 issue – LUCKYNELLY en Vogue.

Photography: Anja Scholta Photography
Model: Teresa Resa Peitz
H&M: Isabell Behrendt Makeup Artist & Hairstylist
Location: Blumencafe i. d. Schönhauser Allee

100 Years VOGUE – Special Edition


Berlin Alternative Fashion Week im Postbahnhof


Mode für Experimentierfreudige und Kreative – Green living


„Vegan und edel: LLY – Lucky Nelly


LYY-LUCKYNELLY heißt das Handtaschen-und Accessoire-Label der aus Münster stammenden Designerin Christine Rochlitz. Der Name des Labels entstand durch die tiefe Liebe und den Respekt zu ihrer Hündin Nelly und ihrem Kaninchen Lucky. Somit stand die Entscheidung, nur mit tierfreundlichen Materialien zu arbeiten, schnell fest. LYY ist ethisch, nachhaltig, luxuriös und vegan. Hinzu kommt, dass das Label Wert auf fairen Handel legt. Für ihre Kollektionen verwendet sie nähbaren Schieferstein, Kork, nähbares Holz sowie flexible Keramik. Christine Rochlitz gelingt es mit ihren Kollektionen nicht nur, echte Alternativen zu Leder aufzuzeigen, sondern auch tierfreundliche bzw. vegane Materialien gekonnt in Szene zu setzen und ihnen damit Exklusivität einzuhauchen. Wenn euch die coolen Handtaschen und andere Accessoires wie Gürtel gefallen, dann stattet ihr doch am Samstag einen Besuch an ihrem Stand auf dem Designmarkt ab oder werft einen Blick in ihren Onlineshop!“



Berlin Alternative Fashion Week – Designer Market at BAFW – Postbahnhof at Ostbahnhof

LYY – LUCKYNELLY – Designer Profile in VOGUE UK – February 2016 issue!!!!! We are soooooo proud!!!!
VEGAN FASHION IS ON THE RUN!!!! For a better world…

LYY – LUCKYNELLY in Noveaux Magazin!!! „heart“-Emot – page 60/61



I see the first stall in front of me and I am in love shock. Vegan bags made of cork with glitter. Belts made of wood and even stone (really!) And a dearest designer Christine of LYY – Lucknelly is standing in front of me. I’m totally thrilled.

The bags of Lucky Nelly are extremely lightweight and have a great feel. Perfect for people with back problems, like me. Cork is such a soft and warm material that you want to touch and caress the bags all the time.“




LYY – LUCKYNELLY Showcase at Berlin Alternative Fashion Week – Thanks for visiting us!!!

SAVE THE DATE – 26.09.2015

LYY – LUCKYNELLY SHOWCASE AT BERLIN ALTERNATIVE FASHION WEEK – 26.09.2015 at Postbahnhof in the main hall down stairs

Please come to visit us there

Designer Market at Alternative Fashion Week Berlin

„While sipping a pleasureful drink, you can shop for independent designer garments alongside upcycled and vintage clothing, get free styling advice for your personal wardrobe, grab some great food, or peruse the art installations at our Designer Market downstairs at Postbahnhof!

Entrance costs 2€ at the door (online tickets not available), or get in with a Full Week ticket available at bafwseptemberedition.eventbrite.com!“

Julian FM Stoeckel „The Queen of the Night„.
In the jury at the Life Ball in Vienna together with Kelly Osbourne and other great personalities he choosed matching to the theme of “ Gold “ our LYY-LUCKYNELLY designer bag made of black cork with golden feathers. 

The enchanting Julian F.M. Stoeckel with our LYY – LUCKYNELLY bow tie made from real sewn ebony makassar wood in the Austrian Society Magazine ‚Seitenblicke‘

The wonderful Julian F.M. Stoeckel wears our LYY – LUCKYNELLY bow tie made of real sewn ebony makassar wood at ECHO-Award 2015!!!

On February 18, 2015, the first print edition of the new vegan and very high quality Fashion & Lifestyle magazine came out, which can be bought in Germany and Switzerland. We are extremely proud to be a part of it!!! Thank you, Vegan Good Life!!! 



Julian F. M. Stöckel wears a bowtie made of sewn real Ebony Makassar Wood from LYY – LUCKYNELLY at the Fashion Week Berlin.

Cover – The Hundert


„The Hundert is the leading magazine on Berlin’s startup scene.“

Photography: Anja Scholta Photography

Model: Judyta Magda

Fashion: BLACK SOMA Berlin




Best accessories women: Lyy Luckynelly Belt Zebrawood


Exotic and 100% leather free. The belts made from Zebrawood and faux leather give your outfit a wild note, without snakes or lizards had to suffer for it.

A fair deal and a personal eye-catcher on top.



THE PROVINCE VANCOUVER – Everything is in the details – Christine Rochlitz for Patti DeSante x Vancouver Fashion Week


„Christine Rochlitz of LYY-LuckyNelly is a luxury, fair-trade fashion accessoRISER living in Berlin.  Why spell this word incorrectly and capitalize it? Because this brand is, “rising,” the awareness of how accessories, from clutches, to belts to vintage jewelry, can lead both a personal and political expression of, “Do No Harm.” I am introduced to a new vocabulary of fashion material sourcing and design that includes; up-scaling, slow fashion, wearable wood, flexible ceramic slate, cooking cork with curry, eco-friendly linoleum, ahimsa peace silk, to the Zebra tree of South Africa to the Ebony Makassar tree of Asia.  I am All-in!“


LYY-LUCKYNELLY Advertising in Clan Magazine / APRIL 2014





Clan Magazine

Many thanks to Baron von Bossner for the advertising in Clan Magazine.


About Clan Trust:


CLAN-The Magazine


– Target Group: Readers with a yearly income exceeding 100,000 Euros.

– An excellent presentation platform for your luxury products and services.

– Distribution in 20 countries around the world.

– Each edition in four languages.

– 7.000 Subscribers, 250 of which top the Forbes List.





– On board private jets

– At charity functions

– In VIP airport lounges

– In elite car showrooms

– In Horlogerie and Haute Couture boutiques

– At international exhibition

– At golf tournaments

– In luxury hotels





Ethical Fashion Japan – Wood Accessories Brands


Design Legends is the Hall of Fame for Design,

Listing the World´s Best Designers, The Best

of Best Architects, Innovators and Creatives.



Christine Rochlitz – www.lyy-luckynelly.com



Eco and Animal Friendly Fashion from Berlin | Interview with Christine Rochlitz

© Dress Code – buymedesign.com



Inspired from the Chinese tree prints & made from the Ahimsa Peace Silk this scarf is soft, very light, cruelty-free and animal friendly. In case you didn’t know, conventional silk is made by boiling intact silkworm cocoons and thereby killing the worms, after which the single silk strand is unwound onto reels. Peace silk, however, allows the silkworms to emerge from their cocoons to live out their full life cycle. The silk is degummed and spun like other fiber, instead of being reeled. The resulting yarn is soft and very light, and of course, cruelty-free.

Right on the money


Jan 10, 2014  Accessories,Fashion

By Arwa Lodhi


They say that some people love to wear bling, but nothing says ‘money!’ quite like, well, money.

Lucky Nelly designer Christine Rochlitz took her inspiration for her Money scarf collection from a form of design we often take for granted–that found on bank notes.  Inspired by a friend’s collection of defunct currencies, Christine has created this capsule collection from peace silk, which doesn’t kill silkworms in order to source the fibre from their cocoons.

Intricate and complex, bank note design has varied through nations and eras, but is always interesting, as it reflects national cultures and values, as well as changing borders. For example, one of the designs Rochlitz used is an image of John Amos Comenius (1592-1670) as depicted on a 20 Korun Bank Note from the former Czechoslovakia, dating back to 1988. Not only does this remind us of the social contributions of Comenius, a revered educator, but it also serves as a reminder that national borders are a political construct.

Not only does this remind us of the social contributions of Comenius, a revered educator, but it also serves as a reminder that national borders are a political construct, and can change any time.


Rochlitz also used some designs from African currencies, which she says provoke a spirit of adventure and exoticism. We’d agree: in terms of inspiring a desire to travel and learn more about other countries, this capsule collection is right on the money.



Buy LYY-LUCKYNELLY Scarves on buyMeDesign – Hong Kong


What makes it unique?


Inspired from the Chinese tree prints & made from the Ahimsa Peace Silk this scarf is soft, very light, cruelty-free and animal friendly.


Very luminous colours like “glowing” prints.


Selfmade prints.


Cruelty free

WELLNESSWAYMAG.COM – Singapore, Indonesia


„Peace silk is processed from cocoons without killing the pupae within. Rather, the process allows the moths to emerge from their cocoon and depart, before the empty shell is collected. This results in shorter fibres, since the strand is now broken, which means that the silk is spun instead of woven.



The switch to this more humane peace silk has been taken up by some apparel companies. Like Atelier Tammam, Prophetik, and Lucky Nelly.“




Fashion Strikes Abu Dhabi


5 – 7 December 2013
in partnership with the Middle East’s leading consumer lifestyle event


Fashion Strikes exploded into life from the unexpected surroundings of a London chemistry lab where Angela Udemba, a PhD Chemist and fashion fanatic, harboured a passion for nurturing design talent. Seeing the need for emerging designers to get exposure in a highly competitive fashion industry, she set about creating a space to foster collaboration and help them smash through the industry’s closed doors.

Since then Fashion Strikes has grown into a place where fashion lovers come together to share collections, inspirations and opinions. Built with designers, bloggers, photographers, stylists and fashion fans in mind, it’s a dynamic creative hub that’s both diverse and vocal, giving everyone the chance to discover and be discovered.


As well as a vibrant online community, we put together huge Fashion Strikes Showcase events, giving designers the chance to get sponsorship for their collections, before unveiling them live to press, buyers and fans.



Einen bunten Accessoires-Mix bringt unsere neue Modedesignerin in unser Portfolio.


Von Clutches, über Armbänder, bis hin zu Seidentüchern ist vieles geboten. Die aktuelle Kollektion gibt nicht nur einen Stil wieder, sonder ist sehr vielfältig auf ihre Art und Weise. Von sehr starken, bunten Farben bis hin zu dezenten, naturnahen Farbtönen ist alles dabei. 40 Teile umfasst die Accessoire-Kollektion.


Das besondere ist, dass die Kollektionsteile aus eco- und tierfreundlichen Materialien hergestellt und ausschließlich in Europa gefertigt werden. Die Verwendung von innovativen Materialien als Alternative zu herkömmlichen, tierischen Produkten, macht die Accessoires umso attraktiver.


Haben Sie Interesse an unserer neuen Designerin? Lassen Sie es uns wissen…


Für weitere Informationen nutzen Sie bitte unser Kontaktformular.



LYY-LUCKYNELLY – Tücher aus nachhaltiger Seide und tierfreundliche Accessoires

Veröffentlicht am 03.07.2013 


Kategorie(n): Grüne Mode Labels



Das Modelabel LYY-LUCKYNELLY wurde von Christine Rochlitz in Berlin gegründet und designt und fertigt hochwertige Seidentücher aus 100% Ahimsa Peace Silk™ sowie Accessoires für den Herrn aus Kork oder dem Material Flexible Slate Stone, das anstelle von tierischem Leder verwendet wird. Generell stehen Nachhaltigkeit und Tierschutz bei LYY-LUCKYNELLY an gleicher Stelle wie das zum Teil außergewöhnliche Design. Während z.B. die Armbänder für Männer auch schon etwas martialischer aussehen können und dunkle Töne das Design dominieren, sind die Seidentücher mit kräftigen Farben und teils floralen Mustern bedruckt.

styleranking – dein fashion-portal hat einen Link via dressed.by – avantgarde fashion labels geteilt.








Faire & Ökologische Mode – GreenFashion.net




Wer wir sind:




Eco / Tierfreundlich / Nachhaltig

Made in Germany / Italy.

Nach Abschluss eines Mode-Design Studiums und einigen Jahren Berufserfahrung als

Designerin für Kids Collections, gründet Christine Rochlitz ihr eigenes Mode-Label 


Für die Kollektionen werden nur eco-und tierfreundliche Materialien verwendet wie Kork,

Ahimsa Peace Silk™ und Flexible Slate Stone anstelle von tierischem Leder.


Unser Stil / Unsere Produkte / Unser Angebot:


Tücher aus 100% Ahimsa Peace Silk™.
Männer Accessoires aus Flexible Slate Stone.


Unsere Philosophie:


Es gibt mittlerweile genügend Alternativen und Innovationen zu tierischen Materialien für

Mode und Accesssoires. Auch die Verwendung von Ahimsa Peace Silk ist sehr tierfreundlich,

da für diese Seide keine Seidenspinner Raupen sterben müssen und nach ihrem Schlüpfen

aus dem Kokon weiterleben können, im Gegensatz zu gewöhnlicher Seide.


Unser Engagement:


Design und Produktion ist ausschließlich in Deutschland und Italien.





Patent über die zertifizierte Ahimsa Peace Silk™ des Patenthalters Kusuma Rajaiah.

Published in the Eco Online MagazineECO EN VIE No. 5 


ECOenVIE Nr. 5 Download