Vegan Luxury Handbags

Unique vegan and sustainable luxury fashion designer handbags and more - since 2012 

"If you want to be original, be ready to be copied." 

- Coco Chanel

LUCKYNELLY - BERLIN, the original fashion designer label for vegan and ethical luxury handbags and accessories, that combines high end luxury with sustainability, greatest empathy and the only way to show how extraordinarily beautiful vegan and ecological products can be!

represented by PETA and part of Berlin Fashion Week.

LUCKYNELLY is 100% {PETA APPROVED VEGAn} and does not compose vegan products with genuine leather.

Unique vegan elegance, inspiration and innovation – cruelty-free – vegan - sustainable.

„With unique design and innovative sustainable materials we are going to spread the luxury fashion market with new freshness presenting our unique and elegant high end quality handbags and accessories that are ethical, Most environmentally friendly, vegan and produced under fairest conditions. LUCKYNELLY - BERLIN has established itself internationally at the fashion market since 2012."

"With LUCKYNELLY you own a unique piece of art with a sense of delight."

Our Statement: "be fashion - be style - be cruelty-free"

we are so much Honored to have won the Good Brand Award 2019 awarded by Sublime Magazine.


What could be more fantastic as to be awarded by Sublime Magazine, the first international sustainable magazine as one of the BEST SUSTAINABLE entrepreneurs 2019


And we are so much Honored to have won the Good Brand Award 2019 awarded by Sublime Magazine.Sublime is the first international sustainable lifestyle magazine (PRINT and ONLINE), distributed by Comag (Condé Nast - "VOGUE") since 2004. 

Sublime is a bi-monthly international lifestyle magazine with ethical values and intelligent content.

Sublime is authentic, honest and fresh. It explores community and celebrates diversity and individuality.  

sublime magazine 

Our Handbags and accessories are a luxurious alternative to the expensive luxury handbags of the big fashion houses with their products of genuine exotic leather and fur.


For our handbags we use always the most innovative and ecological vegan materials as the genuine sewable wood, real sewable slate stone, Piñatex, apple skin, organic velvet, cork, malai (coconut "leather") and many more. 


 Our fashion accessories as belts, bracelets, chokers and other fashion products are matching to the actually collections and are made of the same materials as our handbags.


The unique jewelry art pieces are made from finest Italian made quality metal parts and we offer jewelry made of sterling silver, different karat gold, platinum and even diamonds on personal request.

LUCKYNELLY does not support the use of animals for fashion and shows that innovative alternatives to (exotic) animal leather can be also very stylish and exclusive.

“We would like to encourage more people to opt against fashion, that is made of animals, because they are kept, bred and killed mostly under terrible conditions. This includes fur, leather, silk and wool.”

we work with the best specialists in this Segment under highest Quality. The Materials are from the best Producers in the world, under specifications of Vegan Material and under Fairest Conditions to Workers.

                                            Christine Rochlitz                                               Nelly & Lucky   

                                            Founder and head-designer                                 Co-Founders             


Christine Rochlitz, founder and head-designer of LUCKYNELLY – BERLIN, had always been very interested in fashion, design, interior, painting, colors, new trends and creating unique and exclusive things, so she studied fashion design at the University of applied science and arts in Bielefeld, Germany with successful graduating. and established the brand in Berlin in 2012. The brand name was created by Christines beloved bearded collie dog „NELLY“ and her cute little rabbit "LUCKY" who were the muses for and for the decision to use only cruelty-free and vegan materials and to renounce of any animal skin, fur, silk and wool. 

She started using cork for the collections because it looks and feels like real leather and can be embossed to have the snake or crocodile print. But there are so many more innovative ecological vegan materials to find.

As a real crazy „material stalker“ she found the most innovative ecological vegan materials in the world as the sewable wood and slate stone, Piñatex (made from Pineapple fibers), Muskin (made from mushrooms), Malai (made from Coconuts), Desserto (Cactus "Leather") silver colored washable paper, foldable ceramic that can be cut by scissor for making jewelry and apple skin (made from apples waste) to name a few that are used now for fashion, years ago.

After two years of tough work, the British Vogue contacted her and wanted to present Christine and the brand LUCKYNELLY as one of the new talented designers in the world. The unique style also attracted attention and recognition at the British ELLE, Harper's Bazaar and Cosmopolitan, which published in printed issues.

"With my fashion accessories I want to show that vegan fashion is very luxurious, unique and the lasting trend for our future." 

"My inspirations for new handbags and collections I get from nature, from animals, these beautiful creatures, with an iridescent look as the rose chafer and iridescent snakes. And there are so many more beautiful things you can find in nature – wood structures, fields, flowers, anywhere even in the city."

"For my designs I let inspire me by the beauty of nature, because it already carries all the perfect design in itself. I always have my Canon camera with me to capture all the beautiful facets of nature and the animal kingdom and incorporate them into my designs".

In 2014, LUCKYNELLY won the PETA Vegan Fashion Award in the Category "Best Accessory for Ladies" with a wooden belt. Since then, LUCKYNELLY has cooperated very closely with the PETA organization and therefore 5 euros of every product is spend to animal welfare. 




LUCKYNELLY is ranked VVV+, the highest level of the ethical rating Animal free fashion by LAV



Limited Editions / Name ENGRAVING with Laser Technology

On personal request we provide our products with limited edition number and name engraving


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