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As „apple skin“ handbags made from apples (waste) are already mainstream now and so many brands use it, we proudly present this incredible vegan and sustainable high end luxury designer handbag made from cactus “leather” manufactured in Germany. 

The material called “Desserto” was just created by two guys in Mexico. “Desserto is a unique & exclusive sustainable material made of cactus, an alternative to leather.“ 

Our handbag “Starry Sky” is made of this material defined with metallic cork fabric and metal details sewn on by hand. Inside lining made of organic cotton velvet. 

"With LUCKYNELLY you own a unique piece of art with a sense of delight." 

Our Statement: "be fashion - be style - be cruelty-free" PETA Approved Vegan.

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Vegan and sustain luxury clutch - "Lavender"

made of three different cork fabrics, even that looks like genuine snake leather combined with a material made from water hyacinths and an absolutely unique and exclusive luxurious Handle made of violet stone pearls white linen lining inside.

The perfect alternative to extremely expensive exotic leather designer handbags from the big fashion houses.

"With luckynelly you own a piece of art with a sense of delight"

make your statement - choose vegan.

{peta approved vegan}

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As Cord is the absolutely trend this fall, we proudly present our new Mini Shoulder Bag Model "Eden" in beige color with purple details made of three different cork fabrics combined with upcycled Cotton Cord fabric. 

Must-have this season.

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Bag Model "Eden" in beige color with purple details.

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Bag Model "Eden" in Black color with neon yellow details.