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Our Materials

We are proud to can claim that we do always use the most innovative vegan ethical and sustainable Materials in the world and combine them into our handbags and accessories so unique Pieces of art are created - Since 2012.

You can read that in our Presse releases of the last years.

Christine Rochlitz, our founder and Head-Designer started using cork for the collections because it looks and feels like real leather and can be embossed to have the snake or crocodile print. But there were so many more innovative ecological vegan materials to find.

As a real crazy „material stalker“ she found the most innovative ecological vegan materials in the world as the sewable wood and slate stone, Apple Skin (Made from Apples), Piñatex (made from Pineapple fibers), Muskin (made from mushrooms), Malai (made from Coconuts), Desserto (Cactus "Leather"),  Mango "Leather" (Fruitleather Rotterdam), silver colored washable paper, foldable ceramic that can be cut by scissor for making jewelry to name a few that are used now for fashion, years ago.

After two years of tough work, the British Vogue contacted her and wanted to present Christine and the brand LUCKYNELLY as one of the new talented designers in the world. The unique style also attracted attention and recognition at the British ELLE, Harper's Bazaar and Cosmopolitan, which published in printed issues.

{Peta Approved Vegan} 


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